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Doula Training starts
Spring 2024

This sacred birthkeeping program is designed for and taught from the only lens I have, that of a person colour. 

The information is a compilation of over 15 years of knowledge, training, personal study, experience and growth as a Birthworker and Child Birth Educator. 

We'll dive into the traditions of the Afro-Indigenous Caribbean and Meso-America. We'll learn from the parteras  of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, the Taíno and Mayas of Cuba, Jamaica, Boriken and Mexico, respectively. 


Through this course you'll learn how to advocate and work with marginalized communities throughout their pregnancy journeys, re-invigorating and re-creating the sacred birth practices of our ancestors by decolonizing the mindset around birth and working "outside" of the system, within the system. 

If you are part of the BIPOC community and are interested in becoming a FULL SPECTRUM DOULA or as I call it a SACRED BIRTHKEEPER. I promise this course is for you!

Fill in your info below to set up your one-on-one consultation with me to join our school today!

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