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I Have Man-Flu and it’s Great!!

Last week I was at Amaru’s lactation appointment when I got a text message from Colibrí, asking me to pick her up from school. She wasn’t feeling well. I brought her home and did all the things mamí’s do to heal her Littles and I also made sure to take care so that the others hopefully wouldn’t come down with the same nasty cold.

Colibrí stayed home for the week and none of the other kids got sick —Mamí - 1, nasty cold - 0 — or so I thought. The weekend passed she was better, Monday came and I was sick as ever. It’s been 4 days, I have not left this bed. I’m writing this blog from my phone with a combination of typing and voice to text —which by the way is hilariously inaccurate, since I’ve completely lost my voice—

From bed I’ve made a few protection bracelets for my kids and myself, I’ve answered some emails, helped Ch’umil’aj with some social media content, checked out Law & Order Toronto, slept(!!), meditated, listened to some new playlists, fed Amaru, cuddled each bebé, had some quiet time just me, myself and I. Everyone has been catering to me, the kids are all checking in; bringing me tea, tissues, snacks, loving. It has been phenomenal! I’m totally loving it and then it dawned on me— I have MANFLU!!

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