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La Cuarentena | The Art of Postpartum Self-Care: Nourishing Your Mind, Body, & Soul

the Latin American/Caribbean and Meso-Indigenous 40 day postpartum rest period.

We're talking laying in bed, eating, sleeping, bonding, healing,

A most precious and sacred time between mama and bebé to connect and adjust to this new life on the outside. It's the time in which your bebé learns that there is a world outside of the world they've known, a time when they begin to understand that you are still their Universe but it's ok the explore the other galaxies around them too.

It's the time in which you get to sink into yourself and find the Jaguar Womban, your Sinchi Warmi and bring her back to life. She was awakened in your birthing journey, now she needs to be integrated, welcomed and nourished as a part of you that views the world through a different lens; the lens of motherhood.

La Cuarentena is a time for the womban in your circle to welcome you home with open arms after your long journey. You set out on your path as a womban seeking the world and you returned from battle a warrior. You deserve to rest.

Resistance to patriarchal norms, resistance to unreal recovery standards, resistance to feeling like you owe anybody anything in your postpartum phase.

Prioritizing your postpartum self-care regime, prioritizing your needs, your baby and your family are of the absolute most importance in the moments spend after you give birth.

Your Cuarentena is personal, it's yours. There's no right or wrong way in my opinion. What matters most is you DO IT! We live in a society that shits on anyone who wants to slow down, do less, take their time. We live for the hustle + grind mentality so the thought of staying in bed for 40 days seems impossible, maybe even stifling which is sad really, when it's actually the most freeing thing you could gift to yourself.

In fact— here's an idea that just came to me while writing this

Your 40 days should be filled with

  • lots of great snacks and meals, hella fermented foods to help your body heal. Heaps of leafy greens, probiotics, teas and warming foods.

It should also include

  • body massages, wraps, steams, healing baños and energy work.

Don't forget about

  • rest

  • rest

  • rest

  • rest

You've come across the very popular 5-5-5 Method that's been circulating social media. Pardon my language but it's a dumbed down version of la cuarentena which women really seem to be jumping on the train for. Imagine only giving yourself 15 days to heal, rest, bond, reintegrate. It really doesn't seem like much but I'll admit, sometimes it's the most we can do, and sometimes it's the most we can handle in our fast-paced world.

The 5-5-5 looks like this

I propose this, let's try to extend the 5-5-5 just a teensy-teensy bit. What about 7-7-7 for a total of 21 days? you could follow the same rules as 5-5-5 just give yourself a little more time in each phase.

I'd love for you to have a full 40 days, I really would. I'd even love love love to facilitate it for you. But if you're not quite ready for our service, let me at least navigate it for you.

If we followed the same idea as 5-5-5 your 40 day cuarentena could look something like this

  • lay in bed with lots of comfy pillows and soft blankets. Sleep as much as possible with bebé on or near to you, waking only to feed yourself and feed your babe.

  • *drink PLENTY of liquids while your nurse to help your milk come in, keep you hydrated and the flow a flowing. #HydrationNation

  • eat meals in bed

  • listen to some tunes, calming, relaxing sounds for some sound healing therapy

  • keep the lights in the room dim, open curtains and let in the sunlight

  • toward the end of the week maybe catch up on a few missed episodes of your fave show, or start a new one.

  • in this 3 day break you can do whatever you want in moderation!

  • take or make some phone calls, FaceTime some family and friends

  • walk around your room a bit, maybe step outside for a few minutes if the weather is permitted.

  • alternate between laying in bed under your soft blankets and up in bed on top of them with all your comfy pillows around you.

  • cuddle your babe and other little ones as much as possible, get some good cuddles in with your partner as well (if you have one)

  • continue to eat meals in bed, it's the perfect time for bed picnics (these are my fave with my fave people)

  • watch a documentary, or Bob Ross paint!

  • read a book or some magazines, try an adult colouring book

  • begin a light stretching routine (but not if you've had a c-section), focus on arms, shoulders, neck and back.

  • meditate and practice some breath work to engage and rediscover your diaphragm and abdomen.

3 DAY BREAK (repeat)»
  • in this 3 day break you can do whatever you want in moderation!

  • take or make some phone calls, FaceTime some family and friends

  • walk around your room a bit, maybe step outside for a few minutes if the weather is permitted.

  • incorporate all the things from the pervious 7 day routines and add in a few more

  • walk around your house more, sit comfortably in other rooms, keeping your feet up and elevated to help with any swelling in your feet.

  • take a nice relaxing healing bath

  • take in a massage

  • engage in more light stretching

  • cuddle, nap, drink lots of water, eat plenty of snacks that make your heart happy.

  • in these 3 days and beyond slowly work toward creating a routine of what your daily activities with your new family will look like.

  • take or make some phone calls, FaceTime some family and friends

  • try going for a short walk

  • help prepare a meal if you so feel like it

  • stay up a little bit later and have a date night. watch a movie and eat some popcorn, make cocktails together.

  • marvel in the beauty of your new life!

and just like that you've made it to 30-40 days! you did it mamá, congratulations to you and all you've accomplished, from pregnancy, to childbirth, to postpartum and beyond.

stay tuned for another posty with details on my cuarentena | what I ate, what I did, how it all went for me and baby Amaru

I was serious when I said ask for cuarentenas as push-presents! hit me up to discuss your plan and let me and my team take care of you for 15, 21 or 40 days. Heck 1 day even!! I've got you mamá. connect with me
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