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Mesoamerican Indigenous based services and training to reignite a return to traditional medicines and the keeping of sacred birthing spaces. 

I've worked as a birthworker for over 15 years, I've birthed many children of my own and throughout my experiences both personal and secondhand, I've found one thing missing— a great disparity between modern medicine and tried and true ancestral birthing practices. 

In the grand scheme of things, modern medicine is new. Ancestral medicinas have served our communities for thousands of years, and for me, one day it just clicked. My mother told me I had so much of my grandmother's spirit— a woman who delivered many of her children on her own, an Indigenous partera/curandera from the Caribbean— she gave me the blueprints, they live within me and years ago I realized I needed to use them.


I specialize in fertility womb steaming, prenatal womb massage and postpartum Cerrando los Huesos, closing the bones postpartum and spinal alignment are all vital, sacred aspects of the full spectrum perinatal journey.

We also offer sacred ceremony to usher in new life, welcome baby earthside by means of Pachamama Blessings, Closing of the Baby Bones and Higher Self Release and Placenta Burial


Our workshops, online + local drop-ins  include: 


Promoting partner reconnection and unity in the sacred birthing space by training and providing support for birth support persons. Participation of Birthing Person and main Support Person, required.


Learn the language of your new little human, feel ready and confident as you step into your new role of parent. Participation individually or as a parenting unit during prenatal or once bebé is earth-side, your choice.


Online and local to Six Nations of the Grand River and surrounding areas, monthly drop-in Q+A seshes with supportive birthworking professionals to answer any questions you may have on your prenatal, postpartum and new family journeys.


Mental and physical wellness heals and fuels the ch'ulel, the soul. The Elders taught us that creativity in Nature, activity in Nature directly heals the soul of the human because of the connection between human soul and soul of all creation. Together we'll walk, exercise, meditate, share and exchange.

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Quechua Indigenous Women


We offer an immersive doula training program for aspiring birthworkers interested in upholding sacred ancestral birth traditions within a modern world.

Our program is taught from a BIPOC lens, highlighting racialized and marginalized disparities within our western health care system and how we as BIPOC and BIPOC allies can effectively support and advocate for affected families.



WILD BIRTH BOTICARIA utilizes traditional Balam Medicinas (Jaguar Medicine) of Central and South American Indigenous people and Medicina de Herbas (herbal medicine) of the Kichwa Indigenous of Ecuador. 

I am a descendant of a tribe who most of its knowledge, teachings and traditions have been erased. We are the tribe that Mr. Columbus encountered when he landed in the Caribbean—the Taíno. When my abuela passed, she took with her what little of the Taíno ancestors we had left. But in my quest to fertilize the roots of my being, I've studied the traditional medicines of kindred Mesoamerican Indigenous peoples. As Indigenous peoples, many of our customs, traditions and teachings are similar, some names may be different but the heart is the same. And so, I  follow the guidance of my Kichwa and Mayan Elders to create Kot'zji Kits—ceremony in a box,  tinctures, tonics, teas and baños.


I also hand-make a number of organic and all natural skincare products for mama and bebé, originally crafted for my children, my spouse and myself, I personally invite you into our wellness circle by offering all the products I curate for my beloveds to you and yours.

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